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​Your pet is very important to us. Doggie Day Spaw (DDS) would like to assure you that we make every effort to ensure your pet’s grooming experience is as safe and pleasant as possible. Safety comes first for everyone, people as well as the pets, during the grooming process.  

Health or Medical Problems  

Occasionally, grooming can expose a hidden medical problem or aggravate a current one. This can occur during or after grooming. All medical expenses for veterinary care will be covered by the pet’s owner. Accidents; although very rare, can happen and there is always a risk when dealing with pets. Grooming equipment is sharp, and although we use extreme caution and care in all situations, possible problems could occur including; nicks, scratches, cuts, quicking of nails, etc. In most cases this can happen when a pet is wiggling or moving around. In the event that an accident does occur, you will be notified of the accident. If DDS feels that it is serious, DDS will seek veterinary care for your pet. If an injury occurs other than dematting, matting removal, or at no fault of their own, DDS will cover the vet expenses.  

 All new puppy clients being serviced in our salon, must be up to date on all puppy vaccinations. All adult and senior dogs must be current on rabies and distemper. Please supply us with the name of the veterinarian, or place vaccines were administered, or a copy of the vaccine records.  

Matted Coats  
Pets with matted coats require extra attention. Matts in a pet’s coat grow tight, and can ultimately damage and tear the pet’s skin. Matts can be very difficult to remove, and may require the pet to be shaved. Removing heavily matted coats can cause clipper irritations, nicks, cuts, hematomas, and abrasions due to the skin growths trapped in the matts. Heavily matts can also trap moisture and urine near the pet’s skin allowing mold, fungus, and bacteria to grow. This produces skin irritations that existed prior to the grooming process. After effects of matt removal procedures can include itchiness, skin redness, self-inflicted irritations, or abrasions. In some cases, some pet’s may also exhibit brief behavioral changes.  

De-Matting Fees and Procedures
Please note; We will not de matt ears, armpits, belly or sani area. In the event that you request DDS to de matt your pet’s coat, we will initially assess your pet at drop off, but in many cases, we cannot determine the severity of the matting until the grooming process begins, at which point you will given a call with more detailed description of what has been determined. De matting is stressful on the pet as well as the person dematting. If the process exceeds 15 minutes, breaks will be given to your pet. De matting can cause skin irritations, abrasions, redness, itchiness, and self-inflicted irritations. De Matting Fees are as followed;  

De Matting Fees: 
1-30 minutes - $1 per minute 
31-60 minutes - $2 per minute 
61+ minutes - $3 per minute 

 When requesting de matting, please do not expect your pet to be finished in a timely manner. Breaks will be given to your pet to lessen the stress of your pet and the groomer. The other appointments for that day will need to be groomed while your pet is taking breaks. In rare cases, if it is taking a very long time, you may be called and asked to bring your pet in the next business day to continue. We want to give your pet the best experience possible and unfortunately, de matting is not pleasant.  

Pet owners must take responsibility of all medical costs if any accidents occur during the dematting process.  This includes dematting and/or shaving.  

We will only de matt your pet once, if your pet comes in matted again, we will recommend shaving to get under the matting, otherwise service will be refused. Only minor de matting will be acceptable. Minor de matting that can be done within 15 minutes.  

Pet Sitting Fees  

We do not pet sit unless arrangements have been discussed and agreed upon at drop off. When your pet is finished being groomed, you will be given a call to let you know. We ask that your pet be picked up within an hour of being called. This includes if a voicemail was left or you did not answer. If it is more than an hour, a fee of $15 per hour will be charged. If it is near closing time, you will be called and given a heads up on how long until you pet is finished. If your pet is not picked up and we are closing, there will be $1 per minute charged.

Grooming Release Form
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Why the change in groomers?
 48 hour advance notice is required. A $40 cancellation fee will be charged for late cancellations. This is required in order to give us a chance to fill your spot.

If you are more than 15 minutes late for your scheduled appointment, you may be asked to reschedule. which will result in a late cancellation. Please notify us at least 30 minutes before your appointment if you know you are running late, to see if we can still accommodate. 

If you are a no show, before your next appointment is confirmed,  a No show fee of 50% of your groom service  will need to be collected.  This is because a no show, means a wasted appointment that someone else could have been given.  Repeated No shows will have to prepay for grooming before added to the schedule  
*Face masks are still required, No mask=No service
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