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Doggie Day Sp   w Services
NEW CLIENTS Please submit a Client Intake Form before booking an appointment.
We ask that pets be picked up within an hour after being notified the groom is complete.  There is a $15 charge per hour after that for pet sitting.  

PLEASE NOTE,  All bath purchased in a package must be used within 8 weeks of each other.  
Price range for each size are below.  (Please note that prices are determined by length and condition of the coat, and temperament of the dog)
BBN- Bath, brush out, nails trimmed and ears cleaned. 

X Small - $50-$65
Small    - $55- $70
Medium- $60-$80
Large    - $75-$100
X Large - $95-$145
Touch Up-Bath, nails, ears cleaned and tidy, which is eye corners, bangs, sanitary trim and paws and feet trim.  

X Small - $60 -$85
Small    - $70- $90
Medium- $75-$95
Large -    $85-$120
X Large - $110-160
CGS- Bath, nails, nails, ears cleaned, and full body haircut. 

 XSmall -   $75-$90
Small -    $85-$95
Medium-  $90-$120
Large -     $100-$140
X Large - $135-$200
      To book an appointment please
 call or text at (415)872-9282
    or email us at​
When requesting an appointment please provide:
-Your name
-Dogs name and breed
-Services you are interested in
-Time and date you'd like 
*Doodles and poodles are priced on the higher end