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  • Simple Clean Up ​- (For the quick clean after the beach, park or just a freshening up between grooms) 
  • shampoo and blow dry $28 - $88 depending on size of pet. 

  • BBN - Brush out, shampoo, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning. $48 - $118 depending on size of pet. and condition of the coat.  

  • Tune Up - BBN plus Face Trim, Feet trim, and/or  Sani trim. Add $5 - $15 dollars to BBN pricing.

  • CGS (Complete Groom Service)-  Brush out, shampoo, blow dry, nail trim,  ear cleaning, and haircut.  $68 - $158 depending on size of pet and condition of coat, and type of trim. 

  • Micro Bubble Treatments PLUS   is 100% hypoallergenic.  NO shampoos.  30 minutes in a microbubble bath plus blow dry. This does NOT include nail trims or ears cleaned,    Please check out the MicroBubbe Page to find out more about this amazing service.  

Doggie Day Sp   w Services
At Doggie Day Spaw, we provide our customers high quality services, and personalized for their unique needs. 

SP    W Treatments
  • Deluxe Spa Package - Pamper your pet with the ultimate add on package.  Blueberry furcial, paw cleanse, paw pad moisterizer, body butter and a teeth brushing leaves every dog feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. - $25

  • De Shed // Furminator SHED-LESS Package - Proven to decrease shedding up to 80 percent by using the Furminator shampoo and conditioner, followed by a thorough brushing with a Furminator tool. - $25

  • Nagayu- This leave in rinse helps with deep cleaning, odor as well as  allergies that causes itching. $15

  • ​Blueberry and vanilla furcial - This gentle, lightly foaming facial cleanser soothes and balances. It has natural exfoliating activity and is slightly hydrating. Helps remove dirt and unsightly tear stains as well as stain around the mouth. - $7

  • Paw Cleanse - Deep Cleans and Sanitizes feet and paws, Helps to fight and eliminate fungus, bacteria and germs, Whitens or brightens the nails natural color, Conditions the nails, Replenishes the moisture in the paws and Softens the paws. - $10

  • Paw Pad Moisturizer - Grape Seed Oil adds moisture to dry cracked pads. - $5

  • Hot Oil Treatment - Moisturizes and restores softness to the coat by sealing and replenishing the hair shaft with natural oils. - $20

  • Body Butter Treatment - Pomegranate & Acai - A non-oily intense hydrating treatment for silky smooth skin and coat. The extract used is a natural humectant that moisturizes and adds vital nutrients with a soothing scent. This is the only patented formula that releases moisturizing emollients every 2 hours for a 24 hour hydration. - $5

  • Teeth Brushing - $10

  • Dematting - $15 every fifteen minutes​,  Dematting is very strenuous on both the dog and the groomer.   therefore it is charged by the minute.  

  • Mud Treatments - Choose from four different SPAW mud treatments (De-shed, Flea Relief, Mobility, Soothing) all designed for the needs of your pet. - $20

            - Soothing: High in antioxidants and astringent properties to calm, soothe and promote healing.
                Ingredients: Chamomile, Lavender, Colloidal Oatmeal, Green Tea Extract, Witch Hazel.

            ​- Flea Relief: Strengthen and protect the skin for a beautiful coat.
                Ingredients: Diatomaceous Earth, Apple Cider Vinegar, Andiroba Seed Oil.

            De-shed: A deep cleaning, sweet smelling mud bath that flows with hydrating omega oils and B vitamins. Ideal for thick              coats
                Ingredients: Rich in Omega Oils/Borage Oil, Vitamin B3/Niacinamide, Vitamin B5/Panthenol.

            - Mobility: Invigorate your athletic, arthritic or aging family member.
                Ingredients: Peppermint and Menthol.

  • Feather Extension - $15
  • Spaw Di Cure - Add some color to your pet's nails. - $15

  • Deluxe Spaw Di Cure -  Nail polish plus Paw Pad Moisturizer - $20

SP    W Add-ons
SP    WCIAL Creations 
NEW CLIENTSIf  Please submit a Client Intake Form before booking an appointment.
We ask that pets be picked up within an hour after being notified the groom is complete.  There is a $15 charge per hour after that for pet sitting.